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Home staging: Pros tips to sell your home faster

To maximize your chances of selling your property, nothing like putting your interior on his 31! This strategy has a name: we buy home.

The principle? Look after the interior, bring it up to date to enhance the volumes and arouse the interior of visitors. We asked three experts to give us their best advice.

1 – The key word: declutter your interior

“The first advice I give is to unclutter the interior, “says Emma Perinet decorator for the Fairy Realty.” You have to remove between 25 and 30% of the furniture that you have at home,” she adds.

It is important to free up space so that your potential buyers can correctly visualize the volumes of the apartment or house. If you do not know how to do it, why not follow the advice of Marie Kondo, the storage specialist?

2 – Make a big cleaning

Often when one is in the sales phase, the cartons pile up and the household often ranks second. Yet ” it is crippling “, as confirmed Alexia Rhodier, interior decorator expert in home staging at Sweet Home Staging .

3 – Privilege a refined decoration

“When someone visits an apartment, he should not remember the decoration, but the size of the rooms, “says Alexia Rhodier. The goal is to opt for a timeless style, as neutral as possible.

Be careful not to turn your home into a hospital. For this, Emma Perinet brings some warmth in the rooms as “fruit baskets in the kitchen, “she says.

4 – Choose neutral colors

It is also advisable to bet on neutral colors such as “beige, white, gray and cream, “says Alexia Rhodier. You know which colors to turn to if you are considering a painting!

5 – Do not neglect the entrance

Emma Perinet advises not to neglect the entrance of your apartment when you visit it: “I create a point of visual focus visible from the entrance.” It is necessary that we can see something of aesthetic as soon as we go through the door. ”

6 – Give each piece a function

“Each piece must have a specific function “, advises Frederique Misdariis, home stager. And to add: ” It is absolutely necessary to avoid the tote rooms that serve as a laundry room, library and at the same time as a guest room.”

For example, if you sell a T3 or a T4, the house is likely to attract families. For that, do not hesitate to transform your office in room, so that the buyers project themselves more.

7 – Harmonize the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most attention-grabbing rooms. To harmonize it, Emma Perinet recommends “completely changing the textiles to match the towels to the carpets.”