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The perfect golf gift

Are you looking for a gift for a golfer? Our tips will get you on the right path to the perfect gift.

Whether for a birthday, Easter, Christmas or any other special occasion. When it comes to finding a suitable gift for a golfer, ideally related to his passion, it becomes difficult. Especially if you even with golf has little to do. We give you some tips on what real golfers are looking forward to and what they should best keep their fingers off about golf swing plane trainer.

How to find the perfect golf gift

With training books you can hardly do anything wrong. Every golfer is constantly working on his game and looking for ways to improve. And I mean really every golfer; from beginner to top player.

Finding the right book is not easy. But with the verve of a legend you are always right. For example, Ben Hogan (The Golf Swing or Power Golf), Jack Nicklaus (The Swing or Golf My Way), Greg Norman (Advanced Golf or Greg Norman’s Golf Lessons) and Severiano Ballesteros (Trouble Shots or Natural Golf). Such a book is guaranteed by passionate golfers as a bedtime reading by the bed.

But even the best coaches in the world have some readable works on the market. Including mental coach Dr. Bob Rotella (The 15th racket or golf is self-reliance), all-expert-and-coach David Leadbetter (from the beginner to winner as DVD or the DVD series David Leadbetter Golf Academy) as well as short-game guru Dave Pelz (Short Game Bible or Putting Bible). For some of these works, however, the recipient should be proficient in well-founded English. But then these books are guaranteed not dust on any shelf so fast.

Help for a better handicap

Just as popular as training books are little helpers who are supposed to improve the game. The most popular gadgets include those that can be used throughout the year. About a putt mat for the living room. The artificial greens are already available for less than 100 euros – ideal for example for the office. But you can easily go to well over 1,000 euros, if it is the high-quality artificial turf or even whole practice areas in the garden should be.

Instead of letting your friend dream with the training gadgets of a possible – albeit improbable – career as a professional golfer, you’d better give him a dream that he may actually fulfill. For example in the form of a picture book about possible travel destinations. Again, you will quickly find on Amazon. And even if the friend already has three powerful reference works, for another is certainly on the shelf space.

Small gifts get the friendship

Most golfers are especially happy about small attentions that they can use again and again on the court. For example, with a high-quality scorecard cover made of leather you will make the recipient happy for a long time. Likewise with a new set of Sharpies to mark his golf balls. Best equal template included. That may not sound special, but golfers usually tick very easily. If we can use it on the square, it’s the perfect gift.