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Hardly any other platform is as popular and hated as Instagram. Sure, on the one hand you can build your own business only with Instagram and spread your content quickly and easily. But on the other hand, thanks to the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, it’s not easy to get a big reach on Instagram without buy instagram comments fast. Many Instagram users ask themselves: How do I actually get many Instagram followers?

We’ve collected some tips to help you build a greater reach and wish you  lots of fun trying it out!

Tips for more Followers on Instagram

Be active on Instagram

Instagram is a social network, so the A & O is the interaction. Whenever you have time, like and comment on the posts of other Instagram users. These will definitely catch your eye and also like your posts, or even follow you. Also, the Instagram algorithm will reward you for your activity.

Post photos that match your brand

Before you open an Instagram account, it’s best to think about what your account should be about. Want to post about fashion and lifestyle topics? Or would you rather share your latest do-it-yourself ideas? Whatever it is, choose an area that you enjoy and that you are interested in – and stay true to the topic. Who follows you because of your outfit pictures that are probably not interested in car snapshots.

Beautiful feed on Instagram

Instagram is about the outside: So make sure that you have a nice and consistent feed. For this you can, for example, use the same filters over and over again, or generally make sure that certain colors keep returning. A personal imagery is also great, but again: Stay tuned. By the way, the filter that gets the most likes is the Mayfair filter.

Use hashtags for more coverage

Granted, hashtags can be pretty annoying. Still, using hashtags is one of the most important tricks for getting more followers on Instagram. When using hashtags on Instagram, it’s important to be limited to small, local hashtags . For example, you post your outfit? Instead of using English hashtags like #outfits , try using smaller German hashtags . Here’s the likelihood that you can prevail with your photo. Your image stays longer at the bottom of the hashtag or is even suggested in the category “Most Popular.” That does not just bring you more likes, but also followers who are really interested in your topic.

Take part in challenges

Did a friend tag you on a challenge and encourage you to participate? Well then go! Challenges do not just help you being very active on Instagram for the time its running. The use of the challenge hashtag also allows other Instagram users to find you – and incidentally, you do not even have to worry about your content, because the Challenge will tell you exactly which topic to post to anyway .

Post regularly on Instagram

To generate more reach on Instagram and to get more followers, the most important thing is to post regularly! If you only share a picture with your community once a week, it can easily happen that you fall into oblivion. On the other hand, if you post too many images per day, your followers’ feeds can quickly become flooded with your posts. So limit yourself to a maximum of three photos a day.

Tips for good captions

You mean your captions nobody reads? Wrong thought! Have you never noticed that especially Instagrammer, who tell a story in their photos, have many followers? That’s because they are authentic and approachable. Just tell a funny story that happened to you or even something that makes you think. But motivational posts are also great, for example on #bodypositivity. Whatever you want to say with your picture: say it!

Post on Instagram at the right time

We always knew it: The right timing is everything! Yes, this little life wisdom is also confirmed on Instagram. Because in order to achieve a great reach on Instagram , it is important to post at the right time. You ask yourself: When is the best time to post a picture on Instagram? The best time is always when most users are online. This is the case, for example, in the morning between 6:30 and 8:30 , but especially in the evening, after 8:00. In addition, you will reach a good many Instagram users if you post on the weekend.

Mark the brands

So easy but totally efficient: Mark the brands that can be seen in your photo. You post your outfit? Then mark the labels you wear. Do not forget to put your lipstick or your cool sunglasses down. Or you post a nice flatlay? Then mark here everything that is watching. This simple step increases your visibility and reach on Instagram.

Use Geotags on Instagram

Your followers want to know where you are . So if you post your delicious breakfast, mark the café you were in. Your Instagram followers are sure to be happy about the insider tip and at the same time other users will find you, for example on the side of the café. So: a classic win-win situation!

Ask questions to your followers

Many Instagram users do not dare ask questions to their followers. We can only guess:  Dare! Because you’ll see that if you target your community directly, you’ll get a lot more comments for your post on Instagram . And if you just ask them what they’re up to at the weekend or what their day was like – ask!

Reply to comments

To get more followers on Instagram is not just about liking and commenting. You should also comment on the comments below your own posts. You make someone compliment? Then thank you. That’s polite – and really effective at the same time, to get more followers on your Instagram account.

Use Instagram Stories and Livestreams

It makes sense to use all the features that Instagram provides you with. This includes Instagram Stories and Instagram Live Videos. So the Instagram algorithm will realize that you are very active – and reward yourself for it. In addition, your followers will enjoy more information about you or behind-the-scenes insights. The great thing is that it does not matter here to create especially beautiful content. It is more important to give authentic insights into your life or your everyday life.

Raffles on Instagram

You already have a certain number of followers, but you want to increase your community even further? Then raffles may be just right for you. Because with contests on Instagram you animate your followers to comment on your post or to post under your hashtag – which increases your reach on Instagram.